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What is EFT?
My model of choice for working with couples, is Emotionally Focused Therapy which is a caring and supportive way of getting out of those “stuck places” we are all familiar with and into secure loving relationships with ourselves our partners and our family.
EFT is a research proven method for helping couples move from distress to trust and closeness.

EFT, as developed by Dr Sue Johnson (2004) is a collaborative, structured, usually short-term therapy (8 – 20 sessions) to working with couples, families and individuals that fosters the creation of secure relationship bonds.

EFT will help you understand and change the repetitive patterns in your relationship that are not working and help you develop a deeper understanding of your own, and each other’s, emotions, wants, needs and behaviours, helping you reconnect in a deep and loving way.
Based on the science of emotions and attachment theory as well as humanistic and systemic theories, EFT has a high success rate in achieving secure, resilient relationships in couples and within families, and in helping people to flexibly manage their emotional experience.

EFT is a change process that facilitates movement from distress to recovery by transforming negative cycles of interaction into safe emotional connection between intimate partners and family members.

The way EFT works is in 3 stages

In Stage 1 we are going to understand the patterns and cycles in your Relationship and the emotions that are driving this Relationships; and we are going to try to stop the conflict.

In Stage 2 we are going to learn to reach out in new and safe ways so that as a couple you can get close to each other.

The 3rd Stage involves consolidating the change

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