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Client Feedback

"We had individual as well as couple's counselling with Salma. Salma's counselling interactive approach is different to what we have experienced before. We found her method to counselling very effective in addressing issues of concern". Client RW

"Salma's interactive approach was very appealing to us as a couple. Having confirmation from a third non biased party has helped us to put things into perspective and reminded us to think of how we communicate with each other". Client SW

“Thank you for helping me slowly become ‘me’ again”. Client C

“I have taken a lot of things on board and have your voice telling me things when I need inner help”. Client G

“I couldn’t have taken the steps without seeing you. My life has become much simpler because I have learnt how to communicate my needs to others”. Client R

“Since coming here I have started to make connections about my past and my life now”.
Client J

“I am happier and stronger and have regained my confidence. I realise there are challenges ahead but this journey has allowed me to be real again”. Client B

“I am better at communicating my feelings and more approachable but realise that some parts of ‘A’ are going to be difficult to change. However, people should try Counselling if they have never done it before as it has given me a great deal of understanding of my issues”. Client A

“I have gained awareness of why I tend to behave the way I do. I have learnt to be more responsible and make the right choices for me”. Client M

"I want to say a huge thank you for all your help over the last couple of years. You have made such a big difference to my life I can't even begin to think of the words that could express my gratitude". Client T

If you feel you could benefit from counselling/psychotherapy please call me on 07775513355 or email me at [email protected] in order to begin your therapeutic journey with me.

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